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Color Management Test

The State of Your Browsers Color Management

Whacked RGB is a strange color space deliberately "whacked out" to instantly determine if your picture viewer and/or application is color managed — if its embedded profile is ignored, Whacked RGB will look very strange (a bizarre blue color cast) like the thumbnail image below.

Whacked RGB will only look "normal" in color-managed applications that read embedded profiles, and convert to monitor RGB

If the third image is different than the top two images, then your application is not managing un-tagged images and is ignoring any monitor profile. This is typical in an environment where the monitor is a Wide Gamut type and has been software calibrated and uses an ICC profile to manage color. In this case image color will appear over saturated.

A third senario which is difficult to highlight is if all three images are over saturated. This can happen when the application recognises the image profile but fails to use the systems Monitor profile.

Below is a demonstartion of the difference between tagged sRGB and CSS generated color which is generally not color managed (as at Dec 2016). Firefox with gfx.color_management.mode set to 1 does color manage CSS color

jpeg image 255 Red with
sRGB profile profile.                      CSS generated 255 Red

Color Management Test

Wacked ICC Profile

PDI Target Whacked Image Colors with correcting profile

PDI Target Normal Image Colors with sRGB profile

PDI Target Normal Image Colors with No profile